Yearly Electrical Infrastructure Maintenance

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The scope of work involved in performing routine maintenance includes a general review of the existing condition of the electrical components in the main electrical room, and all sub electrical rooms throughout the building, and complies with the new insurance requirements and Chapter 354 requirements.

As part of this review, we will be looking for evidence of wear and tear, hot spots, burn marks, loose connections, and any code violations that are apparent at the time of inspection. Additionally, we will tighten all wire/cable contact points within the electrical panels, contactors, transformers, splitters, splices and at the main breaker and sub breaker contact points as well as clean the inside of all equipment with compressed air so that it is free of any combustible materials/particles.

Please note that while performing maintenance or repairs, intermittent power outages will be required which we will schedule at your convenience.

Yearly Thermal Scan and Imaging

The purpose of a thermal scan is to determine whether there are any electrical anomalies that are not visible to the naked eye, as well as to assess the condition of the electrical equipment as it relates to efficient and safe thermal performance. This non-invasive type of testing is proven to prevent downtime and costly repairs, guides in the corrective measures to be taken, reduces energy expenditures, increases tenant safety, and complies with new insurance requirements and Chapter 354 requirements.

Findings of a thermal scan will reveal thermal anomalies (electrical faults) in the electrical service to the building. This information will help determine the appropriate recommendations for repairs which can prevent premature failure of equipment leading to costly repairs in the long term. Additionally, the potential for sudden failure and fire hazards can be minimized by identifying and correcting potential problems.

Thermal images are revealed by way of an infrared thermal imaging system camera operated by our licensed, Certified Thermographer.

The infrared camera and display system shows differences in the temperature of various objects via an LCD screen (similar to a standard digital camera).

In general, when an anomaly in the electrical service is discovered, it appears brighter than its immediate surroundings i.e., a "hot spot" as compared to ambient temperatures. These "hot spots" are measured for temperature (with an infrared thermometer) and current flow (load) (with a conventional amp meter) to confirm compliance with performance ratings and operating temperatures. Based on this information, the anomalies are then assigned a priority rating indicative of their degree of severity and are outlined in our detailed report, which you will receive upon completion. If there are any repairs required, a detailed quotation will be provided.

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Sample Yearly Thermal Scan Report

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