Residential EV Charging Stations

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B & R Electric makes it possible to have residential EV charging stations installed on your home property, making it easier to ensure your electric vehicle will always have enough battery life to get you where you need to be.

Our reliable products are among the region’s very best and are sourced from reputable suppliers we’ve taken the time to form close relationships with. In doing so, we can pass more of the savings on to you and guarantee safe, long-lasting installations that serve you well now and for many years to come.

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When you want to do your part to eliminate pollution while ensuring your vehicle remains always topped up and reliable when you need it, home EV charging stations are the way to go. Call (905) 814-1881 to learn more about the benefits of choosing our professional installation team.

EV Charging Station Proposal

Let Us Help You Select the Best Residential EV Chargers

The best residential EV charges for you could vary depending on your budget, the number of electric vehicles you currently or plan to own, your home’s current electrical infrastructure, and more.

Allow our experts to go over the specifics of your situation to learn more about your goals and how your home’s electrical systems are currently wired. Once we know more about your project, we’ll be able to suggest the best EV charger, and you won’t have to worry about problems during installation because our installation work is guaranteed.

What Is a Level 1 EV Charger?

A standard home outlet (120 Volts) is considered a level 1 charging station and typically comes equipped with electric vehicles. These systems allow you to plug right into any electrical outlet in your home without needing special installation considerations.

Residential Level 2 EV Charger

If charge speed is essential to you, upgrading to a residential level 2 EV charger will allow you to juice up your vehicle between 3 and 7 times faster than the level 1 model. This will depend on whether you drive a fully electric vehicle or if your car is a hybrid model that plugs in.

You will need to invest in upgrading to a 240 Volt electrical system to accommodate this type of speedier charging service. Still, it can be worth its weight in gold because you’ll have no worries about heading home with a low battery, and you won’t have to wait long before your battery has enough charge to take you to your next destination.

Connect with our certified experts to find out more about our level 2 EV charger options.

Is a Level 2 Home Charger Worth it?

While the costs associated with a level 2 home charger are higher, they’re worth the investment for anyone who’d like to be able to take care of their charging needs at home without having to wait long periods.

Let us explain the benefits in greater detail and help you weigh your options to find a home charging system that is just right for you. Phone our experts to get the ball rolling with a zero-obligation consultation.

Level 3 EV Charger

When you want your battery to reach up to 80% in 30 minutes, a level 3 EV charger is the best option. The superior speed offered with this option will require the use of a 480 Volt electrical system and adds the benefit of up to 250km of range per hour you spend charging.

Our installation experts are the right choice for the electrical upgrades and installation work required to ensure your system is safe and runs optimally for longer. Phone us to learn more about our cost-saving installation services.

How Many EV Charging Stations are Needed?

If you have more than one electric vehicle, you may wonder how many EV charging stations are needed. The answer to this question lies in how quickly you’d like either car to receive a full charge and how many vehicles you’d like to be able to charge at once.

In some cases, a standard level 1 charger is sufficient, while in other cases, the need to be on the road more often and to drive for longer distances make a level 1 an inadequate choice.

Talk to our experts about your needs to learn more about making the right choice for your unique circumstances.

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Home EV Charging Station Installation

Our home EV charging station installations offer local homeowners a safe and affordable way to fuel up electric vehicles without leaving their homes. In most cases, minor electrical upgrades are all you’ll need to have your station installed. However, if you’d like to charge a vehicle lightning-quick, we’ll need to upgrade your power panel to accommodate a higher capacity.

Learn more about what we do to save time and money without cutting corners. Contact our team today to discuss your goals with licensed experts who put your safety and goals first.

What Separates Us from the Other EV Charging Companies?

We’re a group of licensed electricians who separate ourselves from other EV charging companies by being committed to client satisfaction and safety every step of the way.

When you select our technicians, you should expect:

  • Honest and upfront estimates that aren’t subject to change without notice
  • Comprehensive electrical installation services
  • Licensed and fully insured installation technicians who are friendly and respectful of your space
  • Speedy turnarounds
  • Flexible schedule opportunities to suit your busy agenda
  • Guaranteed installation services
  • And more!

We’re not looking for ways to surprise you with hidden charges. We’re looking for practical solutions that will offer the most cost savings and contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment for all.

When you’re thinking about installing an electric vehicle charging station at home, don’t settle for less than the first-class service and value you deserve. Call our technicians today for the information you can use to make future-proof decisions.

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