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Are you in the midst of renovations, and need an electrician to inspect the wiring before you can conceal it with backfill and drywall? If so, we invite you to contact the certified electricians at B & R Electric. Offering the most comprehensive and above-board electrical inspection services in the Greater Toronto Area, we are here to ensure your electrical system is ready for anything.

We specialize in rough-in inspections, service inspections, and final as well as periodic inspections. Let us be the ones you turn to whenever the need for an inspection arises. You’ll be glad you relied on us.

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Complete Electrical Inspections

We’re here to provide electrical inspections whenever you need them. Electrical inspections are vitally important in saving you money, keeping you safe, and ensuring the condition of your property stays satisfactory. Because of these three responsibilities, we take what we do very seriously.

We leave no stone unturned while inspecting your residential or commercial electrical systems. We use a step-by-step process for each job that ensures a thorough inspection. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide clients with in-depth electrical inspections because instead of focusing on one problem at a time, we focus on the entire system’s proficiencies and deficiencies.

If you’re concerned about your electrical system or certain parts of it, we can provide helpful recommendations to solve your issues easily and cost-effectively. Book your inspection appointment with us today if you’re concerned about the state of your electricity.

B & R Electric’s Assessment Process

When we show up at your property, we’ll first let you know what to expect and what we’re about to do. Then, we’ll get right to work.

Here’s a quick overview of the service:

  • Examine the electrical system down to individual components
  • Check any large components such as control panels for maintenance issues
  • Consult with the property owner about their electricity usage and experience
  • Create a detailed final inspection report

Depending on the extent of the issues you’re facing, the inspection could take a few hours, but rest assured we’ll be working as efficiently as possible to provide you with that final report. Each of the points listed involves much more than their simplified versions, but they’re the basis of our service. Our incredible staff of electrical experts will keep you in the loop the entire time, so you never feel lost or confused about what we’re doing.

If you’ve been looking for a professionally experienced and customer service-oriented electrician to help you with your inspection needs, look no further than B & R Electric.

Providing Detailed Electrical Reports

The electrical report we provide is the most valuable aspect of our electrical inspection service. We put a great deal of care into our final reports, ensuring that you have a full record and understanding of the state of your electrical system and nothing slips through the cracks. You can trust whatever highlights we’ve put into the reports, including details on needed repairs and relevant cost estimates.

The report we provide you is an official document and can be used for insurance purposes. These documents will also be helpful in any purchase or sale of the property we’ve inspected due to their precision and dependability.

Easy Booking for Electrical Inspections

Do you want to schedule an electrical inspection with B & R Electric? It’s easy! As service providers, we understand the importance of keeping our clients happy at every turn. That’s why we make scheduling so easy. Nothing matters more than your satisfaction with our services, which begins with our first phone call.

Get in touch with our team today if you need an electrical inspection, and we’ll be happy to assist you. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will make the process easy for you and schedule the appointment whenever convenient.

Electrical Inspections Courtesy of Professionals

If you have recently renovated a home, constructed a new property, or are in the process of renovating, you are going to need to contact an electrician at some point. While an electrician will have to perform various electrical services over the duration of your project, the final and most important is the electrical inspection.

Any homeowner or contractor who has worked with us knows that we are thorough in our duties. During your initial inspection, you can always expect a review of the following areas and components:

  • GFCI protection
  • General electrical circuitry and appliances
  • Proper equipment labels
  • Inspection of all wiring, including underground wires
  • And more

During the initial inspection, our job is to make sure that there are no wires hanging out of place. We will correct any unfastened wires we uncover, ensuring they do not fall out of place in the intervening years. Keeping wires in place is not just a preference. Putting a stop to dangling wires reduces the risk of electrical fires within the household.

Your Service Inspection

The second stage of electrical inspections, known as the service inspection, differs from the initial rough-in inspection. During this phase, we are looking at the quality of the electrical installation itself. We begin by looking at the building’s electrical panel. Is it properly fastened to the wall? Is the panel grounded? These are the questions we will ask ourselves when performing the service inspection.

Your Final Inspection

The final inspection is where our electricians put the electrical system to the test. The goal is to see how well the electrical system operates during periods of use.

Would you like to learn more about the electricians on our team or our service rates? Contact us at your convenience. We are always available to field the questions and concerns of our clients.

Licensed and Insured Electricians for You

So, you have found the perfect home, storefront or office to move your family or company into, but there is one question you need to ask yourself: is the electrical system in good condition? This isn’t a question that you can answer with an eye test. And while everything else may be perfect, it’s worth getting an electrical inspection before you put down a deposit because otherwise you might be stuck paying for a ton of electrical repairs.

Luckily, there is an easy way to make sure your new home or office in the Toronto area is up to code before you make the purchase. All you have to do is call B & R Electric and ask us about our electrical inspection services.

At B & R Electric, our licensed and insured electricians have been helping families and businesses make informed decisions about whether or not to move with their purchase. So, if you want to protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances that can really hurt you in the future, give B & R Electric a call today.

Upfront Quotes on Electrical Services

We do not just address the needs of our clients. Better than that, we anticipate them. One of the ways we do this is by offering upfront quotes for our services whenever possible. Knowing what you’re going to pay during the billing period puts you at ease—and it makes you more willing to trust us when we are at work, too.

Why Electrical Inspections are Important

The main reason why electrical inspections are important is because they are precautionary measure against you buying a home or office in the Toronto area with electrical infrastructure that’s not up to code. Why is it important that your property’s electrical infrastructure up to code?

Protection against possible power surges. When the voltage exceeds the normal, it’s known as a power surge. Power surges can not only ruin your appliances and electronics, but can also create short circuits in your house. When the inspection is being done, B & R Electric’s inspection will check for different points in the wiring that are vulnerable to this type of electrical hazard.

Fire. It is very common that electrical short circuits have been the reason behind a fire in a home or business in the area. These happen usually because there are different loose wires in the meter or in the cabling itself. During the inspection, our inspectors will easily identify these faults and rectify them.

Shocks. There is absolutely no one in Toronto or the world that wants to touch some kind of electronic device and feel a surge of electricity course through their body. That’s obviously the worst-case scenario when it comes to electric shocks, but it’s still possible that these shocks can damage your electronics as well.

The last thing you want when purchasing a residential or commercial property is for it to be a giant electrical hazard. When you take the time to get it inspected by one of B & R Electric’s expert electricians, you can rest assured that if there are any electrical problems, they will be quickly identified, and you will be spared from making a mistake you’ll regret until the losses are recouped.

Take the necessary precautions and get in touch with us today.

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